Which Direction Should Sai Baba Face?

Sai Baba is worshipped with a lot of devotion and love all over India. The significance of his preachings and life lessons has always been looked upon. He can successfully preach the importance of Humanism, kindness, and empathy among all the individuals. All the Indians could worship together for the name of God without any religious barrier. Sai Baba brings a lot of calmness and peace to your home. Hence, Sai Baba marble statues are installed in homes to bring happiness. Keeping Sai Baba marble statues in your home will make your home look elegant and also bring in all the positive vibes. All the family members will be able to worship God daily and calm themselves for the whole day. The vibes of the home will become cheerful and serene because of the statues. Human beings can achieve a sense of simplicity and kindness in their daily lives. All this will be only because of the Sai Baba present inside your home. Ground rules must be followed when placing the Sai Baba marble statue in the house. If you don’t follow these directions, tips, and regulations, then the Statue won’t be able to bring good luck to your home. In this blog, we will understand some of the direction rules that need to be followed while placing the Sai Baba marble statue at home. They are as follows-

1) Right Direction of Placing Sai Baba Statue-

There is no specific direction where the Sai Baba statue needs to be placed because he is not strict and particular about the Direction like other gods. Sai Baba always preached that he would be in the mind and heart of every person who worships him with complete honesty and integrity. He will always give more importance to the Direction and business that shows kindness, empathy, and compassion towards all the other human beings. But, there are some rules while placing every God statue in the home. Hence, experts are advised always to remember the Sai Baba Marble statue in the north Direction for the best results and to spread positive vibes. You can also place the Sai Baba statue as per the guidance given by your Vastu expert.

2) Pooja Rules-

While doing Sai Baba Marble statue pooja, some ground rules must be followed for the best results. While doing pooja, there are some Direction Senses that need to be followed by the one who is doing pooja. These rules are designed very carefully and meaningfully by the experts in Vastu Shastra. The Statue should be placed facing the east Direction so that the sun’s rays will directly fall on the Statue. It is a good sign when the sunrays fall directly on the Indian marble statue. The person doing pooja should be in the west direction so there is no disturbance between the Sai Baba murti and the morning sun rays. The sun’s rays will create a positive and serene atmosphere in the Pooja ghar. The reason you have been doing this will also be fulfilled by offering your worship with a whole heart.

3) Avoiding Messy Places-

While placing Hindu God idols, Vastu experts always suggest avoiding placing them in a messy and cluttered area. If you place Hindu God idols in some dirty place, then gods can see all the mess around. It is always said that God never prevails in an area with much confusion. The pooja ghar should be cleaned daily to remove any negative vibes that may be prevailing around.

4) Avoiding South East Direction-

One care that should be taken while placing the Sai Baba marble statue is that it should never be placed in the southeast Direction. The home’s southeast Direction is considered the Direction for fire and other activities. The cooking gas is generally placed in this Direction; hence, placing our gods in the same space is never recommended. Only put in the southeast direction if you want to avoid frequently bringing in negative vibes and anger among the family members.

5) Fixed Place or Altar for Statue-

Another essential advice the Vastu Shastra experts offer is deciding on a fixed place for the Sai Baba Statue. Sai Baba should be given a designated area where a small altar and space are created in your home. You can decorate the space with flowers and other decorative materials to give it a fantastic look. Sai Baba will deliver happiness, calmness, and positive vibes around your home when he is given the same respect and empathy.

Above mentioned are some of the direction rules that need to be taken care of while placing Sai Baba at home. Sai Baba marble statue should be worshipped with kindness, compassion, love, and respect, and you will be surprised by the wonders it will create for you.

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