5 Most Traditional Techniques Use the Next Level Marble Sculpture Maker

The sculpture is three-dimensional art. It is an art made with clay, carving, or casting. Before making a sculpture, artists have to make various decisions on how to make it, its height and width, and many others. It is an activity that helps in evolving new objects by hand. Many materials, like metals, stone, rubber, and plaster, can be used to make sculptures. These materials can be moulded, carved, and polished to make a beautiful object. In the history of India, these processes have been used in making different weapons, tools, and drawings. For example, the traditional techniques used in making marble god idols are sculpting, carving, modelling, casting, and polishing.

Steps to Making Marble Statue

The details of the techniques used by marble statue makers are mentioned below. So do have a look at that.


Many people may know about this process or have heard this word. Sculpting is the process in which the artists use solid blocks and then chip away the pieces of the block until it does not shape the way they thought it in their mind. The most commonly used material in this process is marbles and sandstone.


In this process, artists need solid blocks like marble stone to create sculptures. Then, an artist removes the extra masses from the marble stone, creates the shape they want, and uses different types of tools to shape the surface when creating marble ram darbar statues. It also depends on the variety of stone the artist uses in this process, as softer stone is easier to make shapes like stone and cedar.


The most common material used in this process is clay. As the name gives us a brief description, modelling of marble human statue maker is the process that helps give shape to a softer surface. Clay is the easiest material to use in this process, as it can get held easily. The sculpture of the celebrities in the famous waxwork museum is also made from this process only. They use wax in this process to create their sculpture, which looks real, too, from a certain distance.


Casting is similar to modelling. However, in this process, metals are used for modelling. Bronze and copper are commonly used in casting. Using these metals makes the sculpture-like Radha Krishna marble statue stronger. In earlier times, this process helps in making weapons and tools.


It is the final step, as the artist gives a final touch to their sculpture in this process. It helps in fixing the sculpture’s appearance and texture also. Sculptures like sai baba marble statues are made of metals like copper and bronze, and polishing is done to look the sculpture shinier. It helps the sculpture to look more decorative too. Polishing in marble stone is called sanding. It may be done by hand or with a tool called a sander.


The processes mentioned above are the traditional techniques that help make marble sculptures. Artists used this process to make the sculpture look more real. Although many people are unfamiliar with this form of art in the modern era, it is also becoming extinct. But in earlier times, many famous artists make sculptures. These techniques, as mentioned above, are the most traditional ones, but there are many other techniques for making a sculpture and marble handicraft that marble temples follow. The names of other processes are stamping, chiselling, engraving, and many others.

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