Single Phase and Three Phase Transformer: A Comprehensive Guide

A transformer is a fundamental component used for generating and transmitting electricity. They are passive components between circuits. However, there is not one type of transformer present in the market. One can connect with a transformer manufacturing company and then be confused regarding the choice available. The following guide will assist you in the same. Here you will learn about the construction, advantages, disadvantage, and even application of single and three phase transformers.

Single phase transformers

A single phase transformer is widely used in home devices, primarily in low-voltage appliances. These transformers offered by the electrical transformer manufacturers in India have primary and secondary winding, which are placed on a magnetic core. The magnetic core in the transformers is responsible for providing a path for the magnetic flux. Silicon steel and lamination are also present in the construction of single-phase transformers. They reduce hysteresis and eddy losses, respectively. There are two types of single phase transformers: core-type and shell-type.

Advantages of single phase transformers:

  • It is a reliable transformer and has a long working cycle.
  • Single phase transformers are widely used, and their spare parts are easily accessible.
  • The transformers work in parallel, hence reducing overloading possibilities.
  • These transformers can be switched off and on depending on the requirement.

Disadvantages of single phase transformers:

  • They are pretty expensive to maintain.
  • There is a need for a lot of space to install single phase transformers.
  • There is a possible breakdown if the single phase transformers are connected in parallel.

Advangtages of Single Phase and Three Phase Transformer

Three phase transformers

Three phase transformers from the power transformers manufacturers in Jaipur are versatile pieces of equipment with varied uses. They are used in power generation and transmission. They are utilized in industries to step up and step down voltage. They are also present in high-power industrial load systems. As mentioned, they have a broader application.

There are two types of three phase transformers that are used presently: a core-type three phase transformer and a shell-type three phase transformer. The core-type three phase transformer has primary and secondary windings wound on the core. On the other hand, the shell-type three phase transformer is constructed by combining three Single phase transformers.

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Advantages of three phase transformers:

  • Three-phase transformers take significantly less space for installation.
  • They are highly efficient, with minimal losses during the operation.
  • They are relatively affordable, especially compared to single phase transformers.
  • The transportation of three phase transformers is also more accessible.
  • They are usually designed to be ready to install at the site immediately.
  • They are smaller in size and also lightweight.
  • They require significantly less equipment for installation.

Disadvantages of three phase transformers:

  • Repair and maintenance can be a challenge, especially cost-wise.
  • The spare parts of three phase transformers are also expensive.
  • It is self-cooled, which significantly impacts the capacity of the transformer.


Both single phase and three phase transformers have their strong and weak points, making them suitable for varying conditions. However, the most crucial aspect of transformers is finding a reliable supplier. And for that, no one is better than Shakti Electrical Corporation – one of the leading 3 phase transformer suppliers.

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