Effect Of Promotional T-Shirts On Business Branding, Can We Use It?

Traditional TV, magazines, and other media advertising are less effective than in-store promotions. The cost is too high, especially when it comes to reaching a target demographic.

It makes direct promotion through advertising expensive and ineffective. Businesses are now trying the new idea of t-shirt printing with their branding by selling these items at the store.

Are these shirts effective in building a business’s brand?

As a researcher and marketing professionals, we conducted a prediction model analysis on the effectiveness of promotional T-shirts. In this analysis, we predicted the future success of a brand and decided whether or not to promote that product through t-shirts.

The model is based on four variables: product brand popularity, brand visibility, t-shirt branding, and purchase intent.

The results were unexpected. The t-shirt had a higher rating than expected! Yes, we did expect it to be effective in building the business’s brand; however, the product may not initially appeal to the target demographic that looked into buying these shirts.

Benefits of having T-shirts best for brand promotion:

Learn how you can increase your business’s brand awareness and grow your business with that type of offline marketing when you use promotional t-shirts to increase your branding.

T-shirt is always in Demand:

Promotional t-shirt makers and t-shirts are always in demand because they have a high selling volume. You can argue that 90% of all t-shirts sold are promotional ones.

Walking Advertisements:

Most people wear t-shirts daily, and people will notice them. People may associate the brand with this t-shirt, which is called a “walking advertisement.” So, you may get more attention from the consumers as you walk with these shirts and promote your brand.

Sell More:

When people wear these t-shirts, they will feel that they are part of your company’s business. They will feel “the company cares about them enough to give them a t-shirt for free.”

As a result, more people will buy the product or service because of this feeling and because it resembles “being important” to others.

Affordable & Easy Brand Awareness:

T-shirts can be found for relatively low prices. It is also easy to purchase as it is easily available at the store or online by the t-shirt manufacturer.

These features and other benefits make them very easy to promote because their cost is negligible, and one can use them daily.

Less Competition:

The more you promote your brand through promotional shirts, the less competition you will face from competitors. In addition, these t-shirts are uniform and easily identifiable.

It makes it easier for customers to compare different brands when they see these shirts. So they will think your brand is better than the others.

Increases Customer Faith:

T-shirts are worn as a form of identity. People will feel there is a personal connection between them and the company.

So, when they see someone wearing the same shirt, they feel good because it’s like seeing a friend or family member again. As a result, customers of your brand will feel more connected to it and be more willing to buy from it in the future. A customized t-shirt wholesaler can help you with this!


My research has shown that promotional t-shirts effectively build a business’s brand and attract more customers.

However, you need to choose the design carefully because this is what makes people decide if they want it or not. So, you should use it.

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