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The world has become more connected than ever. If you want to go to another country for studies or possibly settle there in the future, you can do that. Yes, there are certain conditions that you need to meet, conditions that differ from one country to another, but the process has become far easier than before.

But that does not mean it is something you can do independently. Applying for an immigration visa could be a tough nut to crack, especially for folks that have never done it before. So, naturally, you would not want your application to get rejected because of a simple filing error. That is why it is recommended that one hire immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi to help them out.

Your immigration consultant will assist in your visa application. From helping with the correct visa form to guiding you on the right course of action, an immigration consultant will be with you. And one area where immigration experts are worth their weight in gold is clarifying the different types of immigration and its guidelines. Yes, there are different types of immigration application that one need to be familiar with before they even apply for the process. So let’s take a look at them.

Types of Immigration

Skilled Visa

For a working professional looking for a job overseas, a skilled visa is an application to apply for. Now many subcategories are usually part of this skilled visa process. In some cases, you must showcase your employment letter, contract, and accommodation when working in the country. Your work visa would be valid till your employment tenure.

In others, you would be granted a set period, generally around six months, to find a job in the country; both are examples of a skilled visa.

Business Immigration 

Not all work-related visa applications come under the purview of a skilled visa; there is a Business immigration visa that immigrants can apply for. This visa application is open only to individuals looking to invest or start a business in their immigrated country. Immigrants are expected to support the development of their new country. It would be best to connect with business setup consultants for your requirement.

Visit Visa

A Visit Visa is an official document authorizes an individual to travel to the country for tourism and leisure. The latter part of the previous sentence is crucial as you are not legally allowed to conduct business within its shore. So, it would be best for one to consult with their Canada visit visa from Abu Dhabi consultant regarding what they are or are not allowed to do during their trip. A Visit Visa is also referred to travel visa or temporary stay visa. 

Study Visa

Finally, we have a study visa suited for students looking to get higher education in their desired country. The applicant would most likely have to showcase their acceptance letter during the application process to get the necessary approval. In addition, they would also be required to show proof of their accommodation during their stay in the country. Consult with study visa consultants in Abu Dhabi regarding your study visa application and required documents.

Regardless of what your immigration requirement is, for a hassle-free process, you must hire an immigration consultant to help you out. Even as an investor, you would find it challenging to navigate the visa application process without assistance from investor visa consultants

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