A few interesting ways to enjoy the festival at home

Celebrating the small things in daily life with consciousness and creativity can make family life rich, creative, and more meaningful. Your celebrations can be magical with a few simple ideas, right at home.

Festivals are not only a great time for gatherings and celebrations, but they also fill our lives with positive vibes and energy. It’s different this year, though. Due to safety protocols, we must celebrate the festivals indoors as the new normal. Our celebration this year will need to be different, which means we need to come up with different ideas. In spite of this, there are some innovative ideas below that will allow us to enjoy the festival at home.

Cleaning & decorating your home are a must

Bring freshness and prosperity into your lives by decorating with diyas, candles, earthen lamps, rangolis and lanterns. The decor can also be enhanced or embellished with green plants, natural flowers, patterned dupattas, chunnis, and scarves.  You can enhance the beauty of your home with these simple and beautiful objects without burnin’ a hole in your pocket.

Get  new dressed

Dress up in the best outfits you have to brighten up your festive mood. Besides sarees, salwar suits, lehengas, ghagra cholis, and kurtis, women can also order other garments. As for men, they can choose from different types of kurtas, sherwanis, dhotis, or simple shirts and pants.

You can be innovative, however, by wearing fusion outfits that combine traditional and western styles.

Make Your Own Sweets and eat

Any festival would not be complete without sweets. Yours should therefore be prepared at home. Honey, glue, and jaggery are good alternatives to high-calorie snacks. You’ll also stay fit and eat healthy Indian sweets during the festival season.  

Make video calls with close one

You can invite your family and friends who live elsewhere to participate in a small video call get-together. Most video chat platforms now feature impeccable video quality, and you can see the face of each participant in a simple grid view. Are you looking for a way to make things stand out? A theme party is a great idea! Here are some raksha bandhan messages for brother you can send to make the festival more enjoyable.

Games to play online

Make everyone feel festive by hosting online games. Ensure that everyone can participate by choosing simple games. There are plenty of games you can play, from antakshari to word games to quizzes.

Take part in virtual meals together

There are a lot of ways you can deliver savory dishes straight to someone’s door if you can’t enjoy festive meals and drinks together. You might want to consider a service that offers timely delivery. Before your virtual gathering, this is a wonderful way to encourage a feeling of celebration. Keeping in touch online while enjoying special delicacies with your loved ones is made possible this way.

Click Photos

Online videos can be created by clicking pictures and creating personalized videos. You will be able to create lifelong memories as well as make the festive celebration fun and enjoyable.

It’s not necessary to skip the festivities altogether. In your home, you can enjoy festivals to the fullest with the tips above. The simplicity of these celebrations will allow you to capture meaningful moments that will last a lifetime.